Green Initiatives



A strong believer and leader in creating zero-waste events, Microbrew & Music Festival has inspired the same philosophy in other organizations and community events. Recycling and composting as much waste as possible, Microbrew & Music Festival has utilized Xero Waste Events, a recycling service that contributes profits from the resources collected to local charities.

Xero Waste Events wishes to inspire and educate all members of the community to utilize the beneficial practices of reuse and recycling to in turn support charitable programs and activities in the community.

We all know that recycling is beneficial to the environment, but what if in the process, you could also help your community and those in need? That’s the idea behind Xero Waste Events , a non-profit organization serving the Great Lakes Region.

Xero Waste Events focuses its efforts on converting recyclables into revenues and fund raising from MLCC Single Day Licenses not only to support itself and fund its expansion, but to achieve its ultimate goal of giving maximum donations to local charities.

Xero Waste Events offers a comprehensive waste and recycling plan for all types of events, from big to small.  Our systems offer the patron an easy to understand, convenient, and efficient recycling and composting system to capture nearly 100% of the waste normally generated from your event.



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